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Savaree demo

Street to share, money to save.

What is Savaree?

Savaree is an open source carpooling platform. Share your itineraries, save money and earn friends.

Main Features

Share itineraries

You travel by car daily or occasionally? Share your itinerary and give the chance to other people interested in the same type of path to reach you.

Make new friends

The trip will be more fun with friends. We will help you to find traveling companions more compatible with your interests.

Save money

Travels are getting more and more expensive? Share costs with your new friends.

It's very easy

The simplicity of Google Maps and the wizard process allow anyone to share a path in a few minutes.


Less cars, less traffic, less stress and new companions of adventures! Make your travel more enjoyable and help the environment at the same time.

Open Source

The source code of Savaree is available to everyone on github, the world's largest open source community.

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